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"I can" wellbeing services, Laura Sormunen

Helping people, promoting health, wellbeing and genuine encounters with different people have always been close to my heart. I have extensive education and holistic work experience in health and wellbeing with people of different ages with different situations in their lives. I always value humanity, genuineness and empathy.

I am a nutrition specialist (master of food sciences), a sport scientist (bachelor of sport science) and a sex therapist. I am a qualified yoga teacher (RYT 200h). I have also studied psychology for a better understanding of the human mind.

I work as a nutrition and health specialist for individuals. I am a specialist within The Finnish national nutrition network and also, I am a sexual instructor and educator. I work with individuals and couples with different themes of sexuality. I offer nutrition and wellbeing packages for seniors and elderly. I also offer presentations, lectures and educations about different topics of nutrition, sexuality, health, and wellbeing to different groups and organizations. You can also order yoga classes and courses from me.

Get to know my services  and contact me. Consultations and co-operation are provided in Finnish and English face to face or by Skype.

Comments from my clients
and partners about me and our co-operation

The satisfaction of my clients pleases me the most. Promoting the health and wellbeing is close to my heart.

"Laura is engaging, warm-hearted, positive and many-sided professional. Additionally, she has a skill to motivate people supportive, never insultingly. Laura is an excellent co-operation partner who sticks on agreements. Because of her diverse education and personal qualities, she is a precious pearl."
"Laura has a many-sided expertise of health and wellbeing. In Laura's counselling you get help and instructions for instance for nutrition, movement, lifestyle and different topics of sexuality. I can recommend Laura as well as educator, she has a skill to inspire people, and she is a natural performer."
"Our co-operation has been great. Our co-operation project has promoted the health and wellbeing of people of different ages. By working together, we have strengthened people's capacity and participation, reduced loneliness, established friendships and created meaning for many people's lives. For Varoboden-Osla, the co-operacion has been a significant way of promoting our social responsibility."
"Laura is humane and trustworthy. She is taking into account different people with different situations in their lives."
"Laura is sympathetic and energetic person, who understands the different liferhythms of people."
"I received a lot of help for my health by working with Laura. Our conversations and meetings improved my wellbeing."
"Laura has wide expertise about wellbeing. She is a creative, inspiring, artistical and warm-hearted person and she is able to participate people."
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