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A healthy and balanced life consists of different components of wellbeing.

I offer quality wellbeing services: nutrition and lifestyle counseling for individuals, athletes and active sportsmen; counseling on sexuality for individuals and couples; nutrition and wellbeing packages for adults, seniors and elderly and nutrition and wellbeing lectures for organizations, parental meetings and sports teams.

The path to healthy eating and lifestyle, enjoying sexuality and a wellbeing body and mind, is flexible, energetic and inspiring.

Laura Sormunen
Laura Sormunen
Let's find the solutions for your challenge together

You are the captain of your health and wellbeing. I can walk beside you, instruct and help you achieve your goals and acts to improve your health and wellbeing. The small positive daily actions and steps towards your goals make a big change. I can guide you and walk beside you along the way and help you gain and maintain your goals.

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Laura Sormunen

I can

There are many different situations, turning points and culminations in a human life. Our wellbeing changes. We experience, we grow and learn new things all the time. Regardless of the situation of our lives, we can always reflect what is important and how we can affect our lives with small and constantly repeated actions. The “I can” mentality describes a person's chance to feel better by valuing health and wellbeing.

You are worthy of your health and wellbeing.

Studies about health and wellbeing

Valuing the main pillars of wellbeing: nutrition, physical activity, sexuality,mental wellbeing and rest, enhance our wellbeing, our daily energy levels, and reflect on all aspects of our lives.

A high-quality diet is built by a good entirety enough of various protective nutrients and energy that your body needs to stay healthy. Both a varied diet and a sufficient level of physical activity enhance weight control and reduce the risk of many diseases.

Laura Sormunen

It is important to enjoy physical activity and exercises and find your own way of exercising that suits your life situation.

Sexuality is much more than sex. We are sexual throughout our lives, and sexuality is an inseparable and diverse part of the human personality that changes and evolves as we change. Sex, as a part of sexuality, can at best be one of life's pleasures. Love, intimacy, and sex prevent and alleviate loneliness.

Laura Sormunen

Satisfaction with Sex


60% of men and 53% of women are
dissatisfied to the amount of the sexual intercourse in their relationship.

42% of women and 15% of men are experiencing lack of sexual desire quite often. Lack of sexual desire is almost three times more common in women than in men.

93% of men compared to only 46% of women reach orgasm during sex. 15% of young ladies
have never experienced orgasms during sexual intercourse.

Laura Sormunen

Diet and Physical Activity


Only 14% of men and 22% of women eat vegetables, fruits and berries according to the nutrition recommendation.

At least one fifth of adults are getting too little vitamins from food. As much as 79% of men and 26% of women exceed the recommended amount of red and processed meat.

Approximately only one in ten achieve the recommendation of both, resistance and strength exercises. There is hardly any physical activity during the work days and ways to work.

Laura Sormunen



77% of single men and 67% of
single women felt themselves at least
little bit lonely.

A relationship does not necessarily protect
from loneliness. 19% of married men and 26% married women felt themselves
at least little bit lonely.

52% of men and 36% men who felt themselves a bit lonely and 77% of men and 83% of women who felt themselves very lonely did not find
their life happy.

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