Sport instructing, yoga classes  and courses for individuals and groups
Sport instructing, yoga classes  and courses for individuals and groups
Sport instructing, yoga classes  and courses for individuals and groups
Sport instructing, yoga classes  and courses for individuals and groups

You are worth of your health and wellbeing.

Sport instructing, yoga classes  and courses for individuals and groups

I am a bachelor of sport science (sport pedagogy). I instruct different exercises and workouts for people at all ages and conditions. I instruct for instance exercises to support the wellbeing at the working places and programs to support the muscle strength and balance, for instance to prevent elderly from falling.

In addition I am a qualified yoga teacher (RYT 200h). Yoga is suitable for people of all ages and for both men and women. In my classes I give alternative movements which suits for different bodies and persons. You don't need to have previous experience in yoga. My classes consist of the physical side of yoga, strength and mobility, but also mental exercises such as meditation, mindfulness and breathing. These exercises have been proven to relax and balance the body and mind, and promote the ability to concentrate and be in present. In our busy lives, yoga is a great way to take care of you and your organizations wellbeing. A wellbeing individual can do better both at work and at free time.

I teach different classes and for instance following yoga styles:

  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Hatha yoga
  • Yoga for beginners
  • Gentle morning, or evening yoga

Invest in the wellbeing of your staff

I provide exercises and yoga classes at work which improves motivation, energy, strength, and concentration during the work weeks and relieves stress. I tailor the class to suit your working place.

The wellbeing of employees is the most important resource in the workplace and the wellbeing of staff contributes to the success of the work and the company.

I come to instruct the class at your workplace, for example, in the morning, before lunch break or at the end of the working day. The class can also be combined with a wellbeing lecture, for example, about the impact of healthy nutrition and lifestyle for coping in work and in everyday life. You can read more about my lectures and educations from here.

Contact me to schedule a single or a weekly class for your organisation.

Exercise or yoga class for you or for a smaller group

I instruct personalized exercises and yoga classes. An individual lesson allows a complete personal guidance. I can go walking or running with you or plan you a personalized home exercise program.

During the personalized yoga lesson we can deepen your practice, take a look the alignments of your body or train postures. You can ask if you have any questions about asanas or about yoga. A relaxing meditative exercise is also possible.

Contact me and let's plan a class that suits you. Personalized classes are carried out for individuals or smaller groups.

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