Sexual education for individuals and groups

It is important to learn about sexuality throughout life and sex education at home and at school plays a very important role. Parents may wonder what effect sexuality has on the child. It is important for adults to know that research shows that sexual education does not advance the sexual activity of young ones. Study points out that good and holistic sexual education tends to delay first intercourse, reduce the frequency of sexual contacts and the number of sexual partners, and improve preventative sexual behavior. Sex education, therefore, does not encourage sex but, on the contrary, contributes to the development of a healthy and self-protective perspective and behavior. Good sexual education has a connection with health and well-being and with the recognition of one's own boundaries also in adulthood.

If adults won't discuss sexuality with kids and youngsters they will for sure search the information elsewhere, including other young ones, the internet, stories, social media, and porn.

I give lectures and educations about sexuality for instance at schools, organizations, parental evenings and in private events. Kids, youngsters and adults, all get benefit from the lectures and educations.

The examples about the topics of my lectures and educations:

  • What do children and youngsters need to understand about sexuality and sex?
  • Why understanding own borders and limits is important already as a child, learn to protect your body and learn to say no
  • The diversity of sexuality
  • Sexual rights, what do they mean in practice?
  • Children, youngsters and porn, what is porn and why is porn not suitable for children?
  • Body image and self-esteem, I can be me
  • Sexuality and puberty, what's going on in me?
  • Sex can be fun when you can take care of yourself, let's talk about sexual health, prevention, STDs, safety skills and sexual pleasure
  • For adults I organize evenings about sexual know-how and education, how and what to talk about sexuality with children and youngster? We also discuss how homes and schools can collaborate on sex education. Contact us to plan a sexual education package that suits your school or community. I also have sex education classes for individuals and smaller groups.

Contact me and let's plan the suitable lecture or education for your school or organization. I also do sexual education for individuals and for smaller groups.

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