Sexuality. Consultation for individuals and couples
 Sexuality. Consultation for individuals and couples
 Sexuality. Consultation for individuals and couples

You are worth of your health and wellbeing.

Sexuality. Consultation for individuals and couples

Sexuality is a part of us and our being throughout our lives. Sex is the expression of sexuality in the form of action. Our sexuality and our sexual interests are changing and living as we change over the course of our lives.

Sexuality and sex can face challenges that are important to address. Sometimes our sexuality and sex can be confusing, causing tension and negative feelings.

During my sexual consultation sessions you are in a safe environment to discuss the confusing and also troubling theme of sexuality. We are looking for individual solutions to different challenges. People of all ages and different situations can benefit from sexual counselling.

You can come to my consultation with challenges and problems such as:

  • Sexual self-esteem, body image, and difficulty accepting one's body
  • Sexual orientation and/or gender identity issues
  • Difficulties and anxieties concerning the intimacy and maintaining relationships and feelings of guilt, shame and insufficiency
  • Unwillingness or aversion to sexuality
  • Difficulties with arousal, orgasm, erection, ejaculation or sexual intercourse
  • Pressure to perform
  • Lack of sexual pleasure, differences in desires between partners
  • Specific sexual interests
  • Relationships and family life
  • Cheating
  • Illness or disability issues related to sexuality
  • Sexual education for youngsters and adults (how and when to talk about sexuality and sex and how to deal with the topic). You can read more about sexual education here.
  • Own sexual history
  • Bringing up and processing your personal challenges

There are always solutions to different kind of challenges and problems.

Contact me. You can come to my consultation alone or as a couple. My consultation takes place face-to-face or via Skype.

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