Nutrition and wellbeing lectures for organizations, parental meetings and teams

I have experience of hundreds of lectures for instance about nutrition, physical activity and wellbeing. The lectures are suitable, for improving the wellbeing in working places, developing the actions in different organizations or teams, as topic of the health and wellbeing seminars or parenting evenings. Some examples about the topics of the lectures or educations:

  • I can, from the personal wellbeing to wellbeing of the organization
  • Wealthy organization makes the result
  • How to feel better and improve own wellbeing?
  • How is healthy diet composed
  • How does our emotions affect to our eating and how to eat more aware?
  • Effect of nutrtion to the performance of athlete or an active sportsman
  • Sexual wellbeing
  • What is the effect of nutrition and exercise on sexual wellbeing?
  • How to discuss sexuality with a child or a youngster?

You can read more about the lectures and educations about sexuality and sexual education from here.

Contact me and let´s plan the lecture or education suitable for your needs.

Nutrition and lifestyle counselling for individuals


Nutrition, counceling for atheletes and active sportsmen


sexuality, counselling for individuals and couples


Nutrition and wellbeing packages for seniors and elderly


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